Here at SEI Club it gives us great joy to know that we are contributing to such already amazing lives in a meaningful way. Nothing is more satisfying than receiving genuine feedback from SEI Club members who are enjoying their matchmaking and dating experiences. Below please find some exceptional venues to enjoy your first dates, or your hundredth date with someone you already adore. These global dining and travel destinations are always far more enjoyable with someone you enjoy. May you always find the happiness you seek in all aspects fo life.
Top Dining Venues for Some of Life’s Most Treasured Moments…

Surely the most romantic of us know that you don’t need a special occasion to treat your loved one to a beautifully, delightful dinner…Afterall, isn’t every day extraordinary?

Here are some of the world’s most romantic restaurants for when you want to celebrate the moment as-is, a special occasion, or daily life in general with that extra-special someone:
Lycabettus Restaurant -  Santorini, Greece

Greece itself may conjure all sorts of romantic visions, but of all the locations within that country, it is the island of Santorini that offers the most quintessentially Greek experience. Famed for its cliff top hotels, infinity pools, and restaurants boasting perfect views of the azure blue Mediterranean, the island is a romance-seekers paradise. You’ll find the most perfect dining spot to be at cliff-edge terrace of Lycabettus Restaurant where you can watch the sun set over the sea before dining elegantly under the stars.

Encapsulating everything that is traditional about Greek food, which focuses on the produce of the island of Santorini itself, and which weaves a modern culinary experience through such local flavors, dining here is the perfect blend of freshness and familiarity all experienced in the most perfect setting imaginable.
Clos Maggiore - London, England

Hardly a year goes by when Clos Maggiore doesn’t get name checked as being one of the most romantic dining destinations in the world. Seemingly a world away from its actual London location, diners will find themselves in a flower-filled conservatory with a roaring log fire and presented with an exotic selection of French-influenced plates and a much talked about wine selection.

Under the gorgeous floral canopy diners can choose from dishes as sumptuous and elegant as slow roasted Dorset char, roasted vermicelli with native lobsters, and even venison from nearby Windsor Royal Park. There is also a tasting menu that offers a fantastic range of seasonal dishes and an endlessly indulgent dessert menu. The whole experience is a subtle and supple blend of sensory delights that goes far beyond the food itself.
La Pergola - Rome, Italy

Holding no less than three Michelin stars, Heinz Beck’s Pergola is justifiably rated amongst the greatest dining spots in the world. And like all of the selections to make this very short list, the experience goes way beyond the gastronomic wonders that the restaurant has to offer.  Located within Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria location, the decor is a continuation of the same ornate decor and elegant furnishings found throughout the rest of the hotel as well as some breath-talking views over the Eternal City beyond.

The menu is a combination of Mediterranean and Italian flavors which uses simple ingredients in ways that provoke new taste sensations for us all. Tasting menus offer new takes on classic dishes such as duck foie gras with apple and chestnut and each dish is paired with wines selected by the award-winning sommelier Marco Reitano.
Club del Doge - Venice, Italy

Mention romantic cities and Venice will certainly be a popular embodiment of the ideal destination. Once there, The Grand Canal is seen as the jewel in that Venetian crown and therefore Club del Doge is the perfect dining experience, sitting as it does on the shore of the iconic waterway.

Chef Daniele Turco offers a menu deep rooted in Venice’s culture and traditions but also one that has absorbed the influences of other places he has worked in such as Malta, Sicily, Turkey and Morocco. As the season changes so does the menu, but a typical meal may start with caviar and Venetian cicchetti before going on to dishes such as Hemingway-style risotto and veal cheek, and chestnuts puntarelle with polenta foam. Don’t miss the opportunity to top this off with one of their extraordinarily tempting desserts such as a most memorable tiramisu.
Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester - London, UK

If it is fine dining in London, then it doesn’t get more iconic than The Dorchester. If you are after an unusual but romantic dining experience then book the Table Lumiere within Alain Ducasse’s three Michelin starred restaurant. Located, ironically, at the heart of the restaurant, but cocooned by a luminescent curtain encompassing thousands of shimmering lights, the coveted table allows you to enjoy the buzz of the restaurant while also relishing the privilege of having your own private dining space.

Tuck into dishes like hand-dived sea scallop with bergamot and seaweed, native lobster with heritage beetroot and salsify, perfect for any occasion and certainly ideal on any day your heart desires.
You’ll Delight in These Indulgent Destinations (And Yes, They’re “Off the Grid”)

We hear about people going “off grid” in their selection of vacation destinations all the time but the reality usually means that they have found a little-known hotel in the quiet Tuscan countryside or a tropical beach resort where the Wi-fi is a bit patchy. At the other extreme you find travelers who take it far more literally, their idea of the term more likely to be trekking through the Amazonian rainforest surviving on hard rations, constantly aware that that the local fauna and flora are trying to kill you!

But there is a perfect balance of the two to be found…if you know where to look. A compromise between rough adventure and comfort, offering solitude, relaxation, and serenity.

Here are five of the best of the best remote destinations:
Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

The Empty Quarter is the world’s largest uninterrupted sand mass and it can be best experienced by taking a two-hour drive from Abu Dhabi until you find yourself at the luxury oasis that is Qasr Al Sarab. Set amongst the rolling dunes of a timeless, untouched desert and set against a multicolored sky, this is a resort which thrives on its proximity to nothingness, of being isolated and alone, far from the hustle and hassle of the modern world.

Yet, once you’ve arrived, there is much more than just the sheer beauty of nature for you to explore. The resort is equipped with private pools, luxury villas, five restaurants, and even a fully appointed Moroccan spa. And before you end the day surrounded by such luxurious leisure, you can explore the vast desert that is on your door step via camel treks, sand boarding, or more adrenaline-producing pursuits such as dune drives in rugged 4x4’s.
The Singular Patagonia

Ever wanted to experience what it means to go to the ends of the earth? The Singular Patagonia offers you that chance. A three-hour flight from Santiago, Chile, and then a two-and-a-half hour drive along the Ruta Del Fin Del Mundo - literally “road to the end of the world” and you find yourself on Patagonia’s uninhabited southern coast.

This 57-room luxury hotel hides its industrial past as a cold storage warehouse through the many comforts on offer whilst nature provides some stunning views of Last Hope Sound. Kayaking, birdwatching, and hiking in the nearby Torres del Paine National Park are all on offer although you may want to just take in a spa treatment instead, relax in the silence and bathe in the majestic sunsets that are found here at the edge of the world.
Southern Ocean Lodge

Only a 20-minute flight from South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, and you find a place that has been perfectly described as a “zoo without fences,” Kangaroo Island. Atop the limestone cliffs sits Southern Ocean Lodge. From here you will be afforded panoramic views of the destination’s most exotic wildlife, such as kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, and Australian sea lions. The Lodge is the perfect blend of nature and indoor comfort with luxury rooms, outdoor terraces and a wealth of spa indulgences; all set amongst the untouched grandeur of nature in all its wild glory.
Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa

If you associate Brazil with the fast pace, glamour, and modernity of places such as Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo, then the sleepy fishing village of Transcoso, the location of Uxus Casa Hotel and Spa, will provide the perfect balance. Here, a collection of fisherman’s homes have been transformed into 12 colorful and luxurious Casas in collaboration with local artisans.

Rustic yet elegant, using recycled furnishings, and incorporating a mezzanine and a tiered garden, Uxua is the perfect celebration of local traditions and high-end luxury, proof of which can be found by checking the guest book which includes the names of Solange Knowles and Anderson Cooper to name a few.
Secret Bay

Temporarily out of action due to Hurricane Maria, this eco-luxury, secret Caribbean destination is once again open to incredible guests. This exclusive destination rewards it guests after a flight into Dominica’s small airport with an oasis in the heart of a vibrant rain forest. Each of the location's six villas has its own private pool, in addition, the new, two-story Ti-Fèy Villa offers the added luxury of one bedroom and two bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, an outdoor rain shower, a private pool, and a plethora of modern amenities.

If you’re ready to refresh and reset yourself, these exceptional, off-the-grid, yet luxurious destinations are sure to make you feel brand new.

The Ultimate Spa Guide to Miami

Miami is a beautiful city, replete with sun and sand and fabulous parties and people. It’s also sweetly hot, and the beach or swimming pool is a great place to hang out, sip some champagne and have a wonderful time with friends.

Home to some of the most luxurious day spas, whether you need a shorter rest or full-day session of detoxification, relaxation, and pampering, here are some of the best spas to check out in Miami:
Tierra Santa Healing House

Literally translated as the “Holy Ground Healing House,” this is one of the most luxurious spas in Miami. The 22,000-square-foot spa collaborates with world-renowned skincare company Naturopathica to give you the best of massage therapy and beauty treatments. With Tierra Santa, you experience the South American healing capacity of expert physicians and the proven beauty treatment of Naturopathica and Biologique Recherche.

You must try the amazing Hamman Rose Ritual massage on a heated Amazonite stone platform. Enjoy a deep-cleansing lemongrass-and-mimosa body scrub preceding a rejuvenating mask of volcanic clay. This fantastic session ends with jasmine-infused steam and a relaxing rose-oil body massage.
The Spa at the Miami Beach Edition

Borne from the classical Seville Hotel, the Spa at the Miami Beach Edition is the true definition of luxury. From the silky-soft drapery that lulls you into a relaxed state, sink your feet into the lushest Moroccan rugs in one of the lounge’s specially-designed daybeds. Let your mind and body go to rest with a full body experience that includes facials, massage, hair styling, pedicure, and makeup services.

You can’t visit The Spa without trying the amazing Healing Waves package that makes use of cutting-edge BioWave technology to bring your body and mind to rest. Non-invasive clips placed in your ears and covered by noise-canceling headphones will send healing electromagnetic waves all through your body to rekindle your nervous system, kickstart your blood flow, and stimulate the release of pleasant endorphins to your body to leave you feeling brand new again. Not that’s rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul.
Lapis Spa

Famous for being one of the most equipped spas in Miami, there’s nothing you won’t find at the Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Spend the whole day with your partner, indulging in a full body treatment or massage. Their luxury spa suites come with couple’s soaking tubs to share with your special person. Experience a revitalizing hydrotherapy circuit that combines mineral water in multiple forms with revolutionary skincare treatments like micro needling to strip away all your stress and tightness.

The Royal Massage is the massage of choice if you want to rediscover yourself at the Lapis Spa. This package uses a classical Japanese Kobido technique to drain your lymph nodes and stimulate your muscles into exquisite relaxation. A deeply soothing body cream helps to moisturize your skin and renew its suppleness.

Next time you find yourself in Miami ready to feel brand new in every way, you know exactly where to go…