Sky W.

As a model, guys are always hitting on me but I had yet to meet a guy who actually had an interest in who I was as a person on a deeper level...and what my dreams are for my future. When I joined SEI Club I started meeting really great matches who wanted to ge to know me for who I am as a person (on the inside too)...Once they introduced me to Mike we just clicked...its been nine months and we're still going strong. He's handsome, sweet, funny...I adore him. Thank you so much SEI Club for showing me that there are good guys out there who are interested in me for more than just one thing!

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Jacob K.

My mother has always told me I should marry a "nice Jewish girl..." It was important to my dad who just passed on, so I felt I owed it to my family to give it a try. He always told me that life is amazing with the right woman by your side. Plus at 42, I thought it was time to settle down myself. I am relieved and over joyed at meeting Anna. I've always preferred Latin women because they have a fun side that I enjoy...Anna is not Latin....sure, she's definitely a high quality woman and she's beautiful but she also has that fun more relaxed (wild) side that I've always enjoyed in my past relationships. Anna is someone I could definitely see myself with for years to come...and she fits in so well with my family too. Thank you for delivering what you said you would. She's the best of everything I told you I'd love to have in a partner. You have no idea how much this means to me. She really is the perfect match for me.
Patricia G.

I have to say, after meeting my matchmaker I expected a great experience but I am still delightfully surprised by my matchmaking so far. My girlfriend had a subpar experience with a dating service many years back so she was not supportive of my decision to participate in SEI Club's services. Suffice to say I've been so pleased with you guys that she has just applied as well. Cheers to an amazing dating club - Thrilled that I found you! Here's to many more fun evenings and incredible matches :)
Aron J.

It’s a girl! I am so happy and could not help but sharing this with the brilliant SEI team. Emma and I met through you guys around one and a half year back, and now we are the proud parents of Stacey. So much happiness just can’t imagine!

As I held my baby in my hands, all those moments that Emma and I spent together after meeting through SEI Club, came alive before my eyes. The continual support of the SEI Clubteam members to make everything possible for us surely deserves a heartfelt gratitude. Thanks guys for bringing us together! Really hope that you guys will continue to make such heavenly matches in future.
Sharin T.

I found my matchmaker extremely dependable, helpful and caring. She is a delight to work with and has set me up with my appropriate match. I am not much of a writer type, but your commendable service has prompted me to send over this word of thanks for you. Thank you!
Faith L.

I am so grateful to the SEI Club team for changing my life forever. Right now I am writing to you from France, where Carl and I are spending our honeymoon. Since our first meeting five months ago, we have been in continuous contact through phone calls, SMS and email.

Two months ago he asked me to meet him and proposed with a diamond ring. I just can’t believe that we would be together so soon. Just a week ago we tied the knot, and now here we are enjoying the beauty of life in each others’ company.

SEI Club has brought so much freshness in my life; I just can’t thank you people enough! Carl and I are recommending SEI Club to whoever we know is single.

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