Kristin H.

SEI Club introduced me to M. who is the most amazing guy I’ve ever met in my life. He is accomplished, smart, funny, cute. They listened to everything I told them I was looking for and I’ve never been happier. If you’re on the fence about participating, just do it. They changed my life forever!
Reviews for SEI Club Matchmaking and Dating

SEI Club reviews: It is amazing; the service of SEI Club is nearly sterling. We work very hard to ensure that each and every member has an impeccable matchmaking and dating experience. Our Member satisfaction is the highest in the industry.  We always make sure that all of our members have an especially positive experience.

Below please find some raving testimonials and reviews from current and previous SEI Club Members. All notes and testimonials posted below are from members who have participated in the club's exclusive matchmaking and dating services.

Recent Client Feedback and Testimonials:
Jake K.

The first time I had a conversation with the SEI Club team; it felt like they really understood my situation. Between my hectic business travel and generally busy schedule, I just wasn’t finding the right person to date. Of course there were plenty of attractive women around me, but something just always seemed to be missing on their end.

As a somewhat known in my field entrepreneur  (you can find me on Google / Yahoo and etc), I was looking for a woman who would understand me and respect my thoughts, and still be completely beautiful and fit. I wanted a true companion with whom I can enjoy all aspects of my life. SEI Club really helped out in a big way.

Thought I’d post this to thank your team once again for introducing me to (name withheld), whom I found to be the absolute embodiment of beauty, sophistication, and sincerity- We have been seeing each other for 8 months now and it’s a great relationship to date – you guys understood everything I was looking for.

Once again, my gratitude to this matchmaking team for their awesome capability to handle this delicate business of finding a dating partner! They really do have some amazing women members. 

I wish your team all the very best. Thank you again.
Shelly J.

For now all I can say is thanks to SEI Club for showing me that dating can be fun again...when using the right service!

This is my story.
I had a very bad experience with a dating agency, got introduced to some wrong men who were far from being a match. Felt frustrated! My business partner told me about SEI Club, but at first I said no because of my previous horrible experience. Then tried my dating luck on my own, but again there was no good...I just wasn’t meeting the quality of people that made sense for search for someone special was gradually turning into a nightmare.

Hoping for the best, I contacted the team at SEI Club and from my very first phone call, I had that intuition that there was something good in these people. When I met their representative who got to know me and my needs, I must admit that meeting was filled with warmth and lots of hope for me.

I am now dating a very kind gentleman I met through the club, and tomorrow it will be our third date. Our first date was an average one because I did not speak much (I was a little rusty after having gone on so many subpar dates beforehand)...
However, he was very friendly, charming and caring from the very first date. What I liked most about him was his frankness. When I asked him whether I was his first date, he frankly said no and also told me that his previous dates were excellent and quality, attractive women but had simply not worked out for the long term.

On our second date, he bought chocolates for me, (suce a sweet guy -- and yes they were the same Neuhaus chocolates that I had told him I liked on our first date). Now I am really feeling more and more attracted to him, and we will continue to see each other. I am really excited about our third date tomorrow and can’t wait to get to know him better.
Cassie O.

Can’t believe it! Oh my God! He proposed to me yesterday night and with the most beautiful ring! It’s been a year of us dating and I didn’t imagine something like this happening. It was a wonderfully romantic evening and everything has been possible only because of SEI Club. Now, GS and I are surely taking this relationship forward! We will be setting our wedding date sometime next year and really hope that our matchmaker can make it. Thank you for introducing us...

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Bill H.

I’ve had lots of fun with SEI Club...every woman I’ve met so far has been a beauty (and also accomplished). I have dated four women and each time I get closer and closer to meeting my perfect match.

I have been to other matchmakers in the past but they weren’t the right fit for me. What I like most about the SEI Club team is that they personally get involved in finding the right match for me...they see who they have and only propose matches that make sense for me – based on everything I tell them I want in a partner when dating. This is by far the highest quality dating experience I’ve ever had. Hands down.
M. M.

As an accomplished, pretty woman (I like to think!), I told SEI Club that I was at a new point in my life where I really felt that I needed to date higher quality singles who could be true partners for me...gentlemen who are healthy, established, evolved, and looking to date a woman such as myself.

Within a week or so of my personal meeting with their matchmaker representative, I began meeting my first few by one...I have to say, the team nearly read my thoughts and fully understood me (and my matches for that matter!). Throughout my entire membership I did not meet a single gentleman who was an absolute ‘mismatch’ or a ‘total no’ for me.

I have to say that joining the Club was one of the better decisions I’ve made. My dating life has improved I effortlessly meet guys that I ENJOY meeting and I’m having more fun than I’ve had in years. Very high quality…. 
Angela P.

Since I'm a top exec at a public company I was a bit reluctant to join a dating social network is quite large and I wanted to be sure that my privacy would be preserved. At the recommendation of a dear friend who had heard of several successes with SEI Club, I contacted them to learn more. My consultation was very relaxed and professional. The young woman I met seemed well versed in psychology and well trained to do matchmaking. I signed up for a handful of matches (a handful of quality dates were really all I really had time for...I did not want to have a date every night as my social and business calendar is already fairly demanding). On the second date I met the gentleman I am still currently seeing (we’ve been dating about 6 months now...). He is actually two years older and three inches shorter than what I listed as my “ideal” match...of course he is taller than I am...funny. More importantly, he may very well be one of the most intelligent, successful, healthy, well-adjusted men I’ve ever dated. Kudos to SEI Club for finding these kinds of guys. In terms of working with them, so far so good....let’s hope we stay together; for now we’re having a really pleasant, romantic dating experience.
Allan S.

Having had a phenomenal experience with this company, I thought it a good idea to post a quick review of some candid feedback. After all, these folks did help me quite a bit.

I had worked with this company back in 2002. I dealt with their London office at the time...I am an international businessman based in London with interests in NY and LA. I must’ve met about 10 women members in about 4 weeks...they had an incredible number of women on their books...I was in heaven.
If I remember correctly, I think about three of the women were former models, one had her own TV show, another was a doctor...I can’t remember them all. I dated one of the ladies for about three years afterwards. A very beautiful woman – she had a fairly accomplished fact her relocating to Dubai for an once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity is what ended it for us, though we still keep in touch as very good friends.
At the time I joined this matchmaking club was very, very private...they still are. I recall sending one of my female friends over to them (a wonderful woman...she very much wanted to work with them, but they said they didn’t have availability at the time – she was waitlisted and ended up being admitted shortly thereafter).

Again, since they’re such good folks I figured taking the time to post my experience was the least I could do – and gladly did. I wish them all the best in their endeavors. From my experience they’re providing excellent service for the crème de la crème. As they say, Best in class.
Elicia P.

I work in Finance between London and New York so I’ve met members in both places. Personally I prefer a man with a British accent...But seriously, I’ve renewed memberships twice because I enjoy who I meet and my matchmaker is very bright (she gives some really insightful feedback...I’m glad to say I’ve had several ah-hah moments with her). When I date though SEI Club we go to exquisite dining venues, we have intelligent, good-natured conversation...I’ve experienced some fabulously invigorating romance with this club. I’m still dating here (having been divorced I’m not rushing into anything), but it certainly beats online dating!

Bob H.

I do not write reviews.  It is not my business. And I don’t have time for this.
The only reason I am writing now is because I was talking to my ‘matchmaker’ yesterday, who has become a great friend and I saw some BS around.

The (SEI Club) service is outstanding. Those people are on the right (bright) side – The women I met through them so far are terrific. This is a phenomenal dating club. I don’t buy any of the BS I read that says otherwise – Whatever company is behind that will be exposed in no time - dark stuff. Again, my membership with these folks at SEI has been tremendous.
Jeff B.

Every woman I’ve met so far has been incredible. Beautiful, smart, fit and compatible. I couldn’t have asked for more. Keep it up guys!
Ana K.

Thanks so much guys! You always introduce me to the best matches. (name withheld) and I are still dating. I really like him. I will keep you posted as things progress. Thanks again!

SEI Club Reviews

Shawn J.

When I turned 36, my mom started bugging me about when I’d meet a nice girl, settle down and give her grandbabies. I always made the excuse that my career in TV kept me too busy. Since joining SEI Club, I’m still busy, but I’m way happier. I met Lily three months ago, and we’ve seen each other every weekend since. I think you and your team might help give my mom her wish!

Being a widow and a mom of two doesn’t make you feel like a hot commodity on the dating market. LOL. But I wasn’t even 30 yet, and while my kids are the most important thing in my life, I didn’t want to give up on love. One of the best things that SEI Club does is take the randomness out of meeting new people. I know that everyone I meet through you is going to know I have kids and be OK with that. That’s a huge relief, and it’s really great to be able to date again without worrying.
Tim P.

I’m in my early 50s, but I date women of any age, and that’s one reason I love SEI Club. With your team handling the matches, I know I’m always going to be meeting someone interesting, sophisticated and fun.
Fred F.

Eva and I are getting ready to go on our first vacation together. We’re going skiing, but before we hit the slopes, I wanted to write and thank you for matching us up. I can’t believe how lucky I am. We get along so well together. I wasn’t even scared about meeting her family. It wouldn’t have happened without you!
Carol M.

When I decided to join SEI Club I was sick of people asking me whether I had a boyfriend. I had a great career and was having a great time, why wasn’t that enough? Now that I’ve been on a few dates with different matches I see what I’d been missing. It’s great to meet men who aren’t intimidated by my success at such a young age. And they’re handsome, to boot! Thanks for changing my perspective.

The problem I’ve always had with dating is that guys find a woman who works as hard as I do intimidating. I’m driven and I know it, and I don’t want to change that. Being able to meet men who are as successful as I’ve been, and who understand my ambition has been one of the best parts about SEI Club. I’m still not ready to settle down, and just want to see where things go with people, but I know that when I am ready, I’ll meet the right person through SEI Club.

I didn’t get to where I am today by blindly accepting hype, so I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about SEI Club, but then I found out one of my friends was a member. He told me about his experiences, and that convinced me to join. Now I know that if anything, you guys are too modest about what you do! I love the fact that you match people based on shared interests and values. I’ve lost track of how many dates I’ve gone on with matches, but one thing I do know is that all of them have been amazing and every woman I’ve met through you had been great.

Being a single dad isn’t easy, and being a business owner makes it even harder, especially when it comes to meeting women. My boys are always going to come first, and that doesn’t make it any easier. One of the best things about being a member of SEI Club is that I know your team is going to make my situation clear to matches, just like I’ll know so much about them before we even go on a date. There aren’t any surprises, which makes it so much easier to get to know each other.
Jessica L.

After I went on my first date with Leighton, one of your team sent me a message to ask how it went. I texted back five hearts, because I couldn’t believe what a great guy I had just met. He must have felt the same way, because we’ve been together for nearly a year now. I’m so thankful for what the team at SEI Club has done for me!

I’m a self-made man, and it was really important to me to find a woman who understood how hard I worked to be successful. I joined SEI Club because I was told the women members were also successful and hardworking, so I thought they would understand where I was coming from. Boy was I right. I’m not looking for someone to take care of, I’m looking for someone who wants to share their life and be my partner. After meeting a few women through SEI Club, I’m sure I’ll be able to find one here.
Nick D.

You have saved me having to wade through endless online profiles of below average women and waste my time trying to “connect with” the fake ones.  I am very pleased with your process thus far. Meeting Alina again tomorrow.
Gregory A.

Definitely what I was looking for. I have tried one or two services like SEI Club with poor results. SEI Club was far superior. Very professional, very attentive to my requests. I would highly recommend this service for anyone serious about finding someone special.
Jason L.

Excellent Matchmakers – Beautiful, down-to-earth women and helpful staff. Would recommend this service to anyone.
Chelsea P.

I can't believe this finally happened! – All I can say is be patient everyone. I finally met my match! I realize now, by staying positive and believing it would work, I am now dating the most wonderful man and we are very happy and in love. Thank you SEI for all that you have done for us...

High Caliber Men! – Finally found a service that caters to professionals. I value privacy and confidentiality and this was the first service that really honored that. Only been on one match so far but met and exceeded anything I could have asked for; surgeon, close to my age, true gentleman and very attentive. Looking forward to this journey!
sei club reviews

I just wanted you to know that I owe you big time! Ali is indeed super gorgeous and a very exciting and interesting woman. We have spent the last few days together and I am going back tomorrow for more! Who knows where things may go but I know it’s heading somewhere. Thanks for making this happen.

I was amazed by her heart, her charity, and how she relates to me. She is incredible, beautiful, and exudes the warmth that is exceptional. It just feels like I am at home. But at the same time, she is really sexy, likes to break out of the comfort zone and yet is absolutely disciplined and has that cool aura. We spend time together and she is willing to share herself with me in such a compelling way.

I think you did some magic! :)  He's flying in tonight after work. Don’t know what you said, but it worked.
THANK YOU so much!!
I'll keep you posted!

Second date with Becky… WOW. I have not had someone inspire me in the way she has in as long as I can remember. Phenomenal.
Sarah J.

Michael and I have been having such a great time together. We love the outdoors and we both enjoy waterskiing and cycling. I will keep you posted as we are on 'hold' and looking forward to continued time together.

Thank you from both of us. 
William S.

She is truly amazing. Smart, funny, down to earth, adventurous, family oriented. We have the same values and last but not least, she is even more gorgeous than her photos! I can't wait to see her again.
Shauna B.

We had so much fun horseback riding in California. I am pretty sure Justin is "the one"....I will keep you all posted. Thank you so much for everything.
Nicholas T.

She is beautiful, intelligent, and fun. I can't believe that she is single. It was the best date I've ever had.

Thank you to SEI Club. They were focused in their search and didn't waste my time, which I really appreciated. I got married to my Mr. Right at the Bel Air Hotel and he was my one and only match!
Tim H.

I previously retained the services of two other search companies and without exception, your team not only surprised me but also truly added the personal touch that convinced me "the third time would be a charm." Kudos to SEI Club for their professional matchmaking prowess. You guys are wonderful!

To the SEI team, the wedding's in Brooklyn! Can you make it?

What a wonderful time we had! A Broadway play, dinner in a little French Bistro and a romantic walk through Central Park. He is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Soooo cute :)

We bought a house in Sandbanks and we're moving in together! Many thanks to your London team.

Kevin and I are still dating…I love Kevin very much. I never would have met him if I hadn't used your service. I know having him in my life is a dream come true - A big thank you to SEI Club.

Danielle and I met last night for the 3rd time and needless to say - thank you for introducing me to the person I have been looking for over a decade - also, with effect from today, please freeze my membership.  Thanks again - she really is wonderful.

I had an excellent experience, good service and some amazing introductions. 2 days ago I just finished moving in with GF and I’m very much in love with him…you’re great at matching people together.

SEI Club is just the best matchmaker in the world. I adore James - you were right - he is beyond amazing. Please go ahead and remove me from the dating pool as my heart is now with the love of my life. 

...thank you for introducing me to someone so wonderful! I am absolutely thrilled!  I remember myself going to SEI Club. I was optimistic too but never did I think it would happen so soon. Right now, I’m practically in love with J.

After trying out numerous agencies, I was starting to give up on ever finding my true love. A friend of mine told me about SEI Club, and she insisted that I give them a call. Eventually, I made the phone call and set up a meeting. I did the interview, and within a few weeks, they called me back with my first match. I was so excited and anxious to meet my date. Every match they made was perfect, and soon enough, I found my boyfriend, Danny. Everyone has the right to a perfect counter-part, SEI Club just made it a lot easier for me to find mine.

Wanting to do my due diligence I contacted several dating services before meeting with SEI Club.  I went for a 90 minute consultation and after the interview I felt they had asked all the right questions and were truly genuine about being able to work with me. They did not make any wild promises and I felt they had my best interests in mind. I want to thank their team for taking the time they did with me and let them know I am excited to meet my first match...

I had wasted so much time and energy on women who never made me happy, they weren’t right for me. Then I worked with the matchmakers at SEI Club and I got exactly what I wanted. This wouldn’t have happened without the SEI Team. Thanks to you guys!
sei club

I can say without any reservation that my decision to use SEI Club was the best decision in my life. I met the most caring, genuine, honest, beautiful and talented woman. She was exactly what I was searching for. I would have NEVER met such a woman on my own! I am so fortunate to have Donna in my life, and can never thank SEI Club enough for making that happen."
Nathan E.

After years of being an overworked executive it was time I focused on my personal life, joining SEI Club and hiring them as my matchmakers was priceless, thank you for introducing me to some of the most interesting women I have ever met! Now I have the relationship I have always dreamt of! Thank you.